St. Thomas University - Miami: World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

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On September the 1st , a group of students, faculty and staff of the St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida - USA, participated in the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, hosting a Meeting of prayer promoted by our Member, Prof. Dr. Roza Pati, Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Graduate Program in Intercultural Human Rights. Prof. Pati, who is also Director of the Human Trafficking Academy, sent us a  reflection on the World Day prepared by her students.


A Reflection On the World Day of Prayer  

by Diana M. Barroso- Dueñas

Law School

“The human person grows more, matures more and is sanctified more to the extent that he or she enters into relationships, going out from themselves to live in communion with God, with others and with all creatures.” (Laudato Si’: 240)


We all together!

O God of the poor,

Recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite


Day and night!


During S World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation,

All-powerful God

You are present in the whole universe and in the smallest


Of your creatures. O Lord, we pray in our struggle   

For justice, love and peace.


Pour out upon us the power of your love to


And care for your creation. O Lord,

You embrace with your tenderness all that


Reminding us that each day we have a new opportunity to stand together against all threats to life.


Fill us with peace, O Lord that we may live as brothers and sisters, harming no one.

O Lord, bless all of your creatures as a sign of your wondrous love, and we will

Reverence all that you have created for us.


Teach us to discover the worth of each thing and how to

Heal your creation over and over.

Encourage us O Lord; we have come to protect your creation.


Come to discover some new beauty every day in God's creation,

Amazing flowers and trees,

Rainbows in the sky,

Everything was created for us,


On care for our common home.

Full of magic!



Come to listen to the "music of the universe"

Raindrops pattering the roof, water flowing over rocks,

Earth sustains us

And keeps us

To be filled with awe and contemplation.

I ask you

O Lord, to help us to end the suffering of the poor and bring the healing we

Need for all of your creation.